A podcast exploring water INequity in Texas

The Gulf Between explores the historic roots and present realities of water-related inequity in Texas. It tries to catch a glimpse of the future trajectory of the region, find out where there’s genuine hope, and identify where there’s ongoing concern.

The show features a series of interviews with experts and community leaders who have spent years tackling water and environmental equity issues in Texas and beyond. Each episode explores a topic critical to the region’s future including: community buyouts, water affordability, infrastructure inequity, ecosystem restoration, access to nature, indigenous communities, collective memory, and community engagement. The power of water to both sustain and destroy flows through it all.

Introducing: The Gulf Between

The Gulf Between is a new podcast that focuses on water inequity in Texas and the people leading the...

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A Storm of Inequity in Texas

On the evening of February 13, 2021, a new kind of winter came to Texas. Temperatures plummeted below zero....

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What is Environmental Equity?

What exactly do the terms “environmental justice” and “equity” mean? Why are conservation organizations slowly beginning to center these...

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(Infra)structural Racism: The Houston Floodscape

In order to address infrastructure inequality in our communities, should responsible entities provide a minimum baseline of flood protection...

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Water Affordability in Texas and Beyond

Although it appears to flow freely through our many rivers, water costs money in Texas. The costs to acquire,...

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The Ethics of Ecosystem Restoration

The restoration of damaged or degraded ecosystems can be a uniquely hopeful method of counteracting the intensifying effects of...

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Equalizing Access to the Outdoors

Are the beautiful state parks and waterscapes of Texas equally welcoming to all people? What might make people hesitate...

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Austin City Council Member, District 4
Legal Policy Advisor, Gulf Program, National Wildlife Federation
Coalition Director of the Houston Organizing Movement for Equity (HOME)
Associate Professor of Public Affairs, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Assistant Professor, Auburn University School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer,
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

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